Welcome to TransferWiki... one location to access numerous tools and resources that will assist you in identifying your future transfer college or university. TransferWiki is designed to assist students at the community or 2-year college in planning their transfer to a bachelor degree college or university.  Most sites found online are geared toward high school seniors... not TransferWiki.  TransferWiki not only has links to helpful resources but also provides insight from professionals actively working in the field of transfer at both the associates and bachelor degree level college and university.

It is important for you, as a student, to understand that the transfer process impacts your future.  You are the one who has take an active role in directing and navigating this process.  There are many people available to assist you along the way but you need to be proactive in ensuring you are doing everything you can to make the transfer process a succesful one.  TransferWiki is here to assist you along the way.

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It's never too early to start the transfer process!

Choosing a college or university to transfer to after completing your studies at your community college can, at times, feel overwhelming. It is a big decision. The choice you make is going to impact your success as a student and lay the foundation for your future. How do you start this process? What should you be doing as you research and choose schools? Often students select a school without putting much thought into it. They may even select a school sight unseen. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it does not.

Just think about the process one goes through when purchasing a car. Would you buy a car sight unseen or take the car salesman’s word alone that it’s a good car and a perfect fit for you? Buying a car is a big investment. I suspect the majority of us want to test drive the car, research it’s reliability, resale value, dependability, and so on. Additionally, most of us have specific things we want in our car. Four door, 2-door, automatic or shift stick? Do you want a red, white, or purple car? Maybe you don’t care about the color of the car but you want to make sure it has a steering wheel, a set of four tires… what about an engine that runs? Once you have decided on the car, determined it runs, is road worthy, and has all of the extras you specifically want, you need to ensure you can afford the car. Is the cost within reason? Can you afford the required insurance to have the car on the road? Can you afford the gas to drive the car?  The mainentance costs?  You don’t want to find out that you can’t afford to have the car on the road after you have already purchased the car. These are all things to think about before making a final commitment to that car...  researching a transfer college or university (or career for that matter) is not much different from the steps suggested when car shopping.

Choosing your future college takes planning and research. Those looking to buy a car have access to a wide range of resources such as websites, car buying guides, and car history reports...  even feedback from other's who have owned that same car.  The resources are endless. Information on colleges and universities is also plentiful. TransferWiki pulls those resources together and puts them at your fingertips in one location… our goal is to make the transfer research process as productive as possible for you, the transfer student.